RESTORATIVE YOGA is a supported, conscious body/mind relaxation practice. During most positions, the body is supported with props, allowing for relaxation of tissues and a releasing of muscular tension and stored-up toxins that can cause illness.   The Restorative yoga practice is one of awareness and sensation in relaxation, that returns the whole body into a deeply relaxed state, and allows the practitioners mind to become quiet and reflective, balancing physiological, mental, psychological, and emotional aspects of oneself.

During a Restorative Yoga class with Ateeka or one of the teachers she has mentored (please see below for list of Restorative & Healing Yoga teachers) , you will enjoy the peace of passive relaxation yoga poses and sometimes soft unwinding movements, combined with the healing benefits of aromatherapy.  The poses are all supported by cushions and to allow you to LEARN HOW to accept support and relax deeply into a state of a calm nervous system and optimized cellular regeneration.  You will feel your muscles relax, breathing become more full, and mind quiet.  As you rest in these poses, you will receive caring touch and application of various therapeutic grade essential oils to your body (ears, feet, wrists, heart center, third eye and more) in the forms of pure drops, mists, diffusers, mixed oils.   The essential oils will be especially chosen for you by the teacher to enhance your experience of relaxation and balance your personal energetic circulation.  This class is beneficial and open to everybody, and can be especially useful for who suffers from stress related problems, or is recovering from burn-out or illness. 


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