BEINGNESS through the BODY . . . 

Movement, breath, gesture,  touch , glance, feeling and thought . . .

YogaSOMATICS is an experiential practice of getting to know oneself through life movements, here on Earth, here in a body, here with thoughts and emotions, here relating with each other.  Here as-we-are.

An alchemy of ancient yogic and tantric practices with modern somatic methods, YogaSOMATICS is a dedicated space for making inner contact with one’s self through aware movement/asana, breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and contact bodywork

Somatic movement is sensed and shaped from within, without dependency on an outside form or authority.  Yoga is ‘union’ or that which reunites us with wholeness, that which has never been separate.    YogaSOMATICS, a return to the knowing of wholeness, through one’s own life movement, in a first-person relational experience.

YogaSOMATICS honors one’s own natural rhythms, steadily developing deepening confidence in the body and mind’s inherent capacity to balance and heal itself. 

YogaSOMATICS teachers are guides on the path, that help to give containment and inspiration to their students to make contact with their own embodied wisdom.


YogaSOMATICS was created by the life experience of ATEEKA, yet continues to develop and evolve with the contribution of teachers and practitioners around the world.