Hello yoga instructors, mindfulness & meditation teachers, personal coaches, teachers of the arts! Olivananda is available for you and your students!   

This year, summer 2019, we offer a possibility for you to bring your own group of up to 10 people for your retreats/courses to our OLIVANANDA garden in  a unique natural setting.   

You and your guests will enjoy an authentic Sardinian countryside experience - all in the nature of our olive garden . . . with well-thought out solutions for groups.     We have held our own yoga and meditation groups here for the last 10 years . . . and would love to share this really relaxing setting with you.


Just short distance from some of the most beautiful mediterranean beaches imaginable, our private olive grove garden is "off the grid” and a low CARBON FOOTPRINT.  You and your students can experience how it really is possible to live very WELL with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.   We use candles for light at night, simple camp kitchen gas cooking, solar showers, well water. Solar power is available for charging cell phones, computers, reading lights, etc.

There are lots of cozy and private corners around our little garden on the hillside for watching nature, reading a book, drawing, writing and contemplating.   

The sun is rising, birds singing and skies are pink by about 6:30 am . . . A warm tea and fruit awaits your early risers if you plan for “before breakfast” practice.

The sun dips over the hill to our West around 7 pm.   Nighttime is a "million star affair" . . .the evenings are beautiful here - with most of the camping illuminated  by solar lamps.  

There is no electricity in your tent -  you can sleep deep and in peace . . . but we have some electric connections where you can charge your phone or computer during the day - near our cottage

We are in a private setting, yet only 2km from the charming old town of Bosa.   The small winding road up from town is mostly untrafficked . . . only some neighbor olive farmers and sheep herders that care for their adjacent land during the day.   

GLAMPING (Glamour-Camping!) Accomodations:   You and your guests sleep in large and comfy "glamping" Silby BELL TENTS . . .  each tent is 4m in diameter and tall enough in the middle to stand up!    For the guest that prefers a single accomodation, we have cozy smaller single tents tucked away in private spaces amoungst the trees.

Each Silby tent is double occupancy.

All tents are fitted with carpets, matteresses, pillows and bottom sheets.  

We request that guests bring their own sleeping bags and towels, but do have some to rent by reservation.


You have access to 2 water flush toilets within the camping area WITH A GREAT VIEW!.  Also there are two wash basins near the toilets.  In the summer we use solar showers (under an olive tree) which are generally warm by around 2 pm until 8 pm with warm to HOT water - depending on the strength of the sun and wind direction of the day. If you like a nice fresh cold shower . . . then first thing in the morning is the right time for you! :-)   The showers are rustic and functional and there is something really special about taking outdoor showers heated by the sun.


We have well water for showers, cleaning, toilets etc. but it is not filtered for drinking. We have fresh mineral water that we bring from a special local bubbling spring  ALWAYS available for you to fill up your water bottles.


We LOVE our terrazzo . . . a 35 square meter open air/shaded space with a heavenly mediterranean view.     This is your space for movement, meditation, dancing, artwork, lectures, etc.   At your disposal are 10 yoga mats, 10 meditation cushions, yoga belts and a few bolsters of various sizes.       If you need special supplies for your group, we can help you to procure them.

You are welcome to use the practice space on your own schedule and timing.  

Ola and Ateeka are really happy to tell you all about their favorite places on Sardegna and give you all the advice that you may need for making your group a wonderful one!   We have been here on the island for many years, so have contacts for good cultural, nature and sport experiences that you may want to add to your group’s agenda.


It is our wish to give you and your group a true Italian culinary experience.  Most of the ingredients of your meals will be made from local sources . . . locally grown vegetables, fresh breads and pastas from neighbor bakeries and special cheeses and dairy products from the sheep and goats that roam our hills.   We generally offer a vegetarian selection, but can also source good local meats and fish if that is your wish.

Your group package includes breakfast and dinner prepared lovingly by Ateeka & Ola.  If you would like lunches also provided, please ask.

Special dietary requests are happily accomodated.   We can help out with most special diets. Please ask.

BREAKFAST:  You and your guests will be treated to a lovely abundant breakfast of local ingredients:  fresh cooked eggs, local pecorino (sheep) and cow cheeses, local grown fruits, fresh breads, sweets, crackers, home made jams and jellies, local honey, muesli & cereals, coffee and tea.  Gluten and dairy free options are always available upon request.

DINNER:    Each evening a delicious and abundant buffet style vegetarian meal awaits you and your guests in a candle-light setting.   Ask for the sample menu of some of the flavorful meals made of local ingredients that you will enjoy in our dining “al fresco” setting.    We can also prepare a beach barbecue or sunset picnic dinner for you and your group to enjoy during sunset at the seaside.

Your first evening in OLIVANANDA includes a welcome “apertivo” with a tasting of special local cheeses, olives and “stuzzichini”  and a glass of cold bubbly Prosecco . . . (or non-alcholic option if you prefer)

Gluten and dairy free options are always available upon request.

Wine and alcohol available upon request at an additional cost.

Ola and Ateeka are really happy to tell you all about their favorite places on Sardegna and give you all the advice that you may need for making your group a wonderful one!


65 euros per person/per day 

Minimum of 8 paying guests - Maximum 10 guests plus instructor.

Price includes tent accommodation,  use of the practice area/terrace, all camping areas and vegetarian breakfast and dinner daily.  

Bring 8 paying students and you as a group leader will receive your accommodation and meals for free.

Your contribution goes back into our garden - helping keep everything functioning and growing.


Write to olabo@me.com with your request.  Please indicate your preferred dates, number of people and we will get right back to you with availability and how to book.


Bosa is 45 km south of a larger city, ALGHERO on Sardegna's West-central coast. The garden itself is 2km from the town and about 4 km from the closest beach and is a small, isolated olive garden setting in a quiet valley. There are a few farmers that make gardens in the neighboring properties, and also a local sheepherder who grazes his herd on the land nearby. Other than that, you see very few people here.

If you wish for some local contact, you will find it in Bosa. Bosa is a charming and beautiful small town of about 6000 permanent residents built on the hillside of the Castle Malaspina and along side the River Temo (Sardegna's only navigable river). During the morning there is lots of activity in town and it quiets down at lunch time and in the evenings.

Bosa has 3 large supermarkets, many small markets, an herbal store (erboristeria) where you can get some limited "health food" provisions, pharmacy, hospital, many good restaurants and bars and amazing beach so so close by. There is a local market day every Tuesday morning from 8:30 - 12:30 in the town. 


Average daily temperatures are 26C - 32C in the summer (July, August and middle of September) with full sun, little rain and long days / 22C - 28C in the fall and spring (with very fresh mornings and evenings) mostly dry weather with a few rain showers/ and in winter about 10C-17C and it can rain for daily or have some really wonderful sunny days too. The sea is pleasant to swim in from beginning of May to mid October.


The closest airport is ALGHERO (AHO). It is about 50 km from the garden and 1 hour 15 minute drive.

The next closest is OLBIA (OLB). This is a 2 hour drive.

There is also CAGLIARI (CAG) at the bottom of the island, which is also about 2 hour 15 minute drive.

It is most practical to have a car or a bike while you are staying the garden.

OLIVANANDA is able to provide airport transfers upon request.


Rent a car or scooter or bike. The garden is 2km from the town and 4km from the local beach. Some fit and fresh people may like to rent a bike (about 10 euros a day locally) and get around that way! The garden is "UPHILL" from the beach - so be sure you are aware that you will have a bit of a climb for the last 1 km. 


We have 3 cats that come and go - sometimes snuggly and sometimes not. :-)

The garden is a drug-free environment.

Please no flames of any kind in or near the tents - and if you smoke - please ask for the designated smoking area.

No open fires in the summer time.

There are some mosquitos in the summer after dusk, just keep your tent closed tight and you will be happy and mosquito free!  You may need some mossie repellant after dark.

Ateeka and Ola are often available for giving private sessions to your students (Ateeka = bodywork and Ola = art therapy/dreamwork/mindfulness).  Please ask for more details.

Want to visit OLIVANANDA as an individual or with your family? See our TENT & BREAKFAST page . . . or join us for our annual YOGA & MINDFULNESS IN NATURE COURSE.