Exploring the Mindfulness of Breathing “Anapanasati Sutra” with Ateeka

The Anapanasati Sutra is the Buddha’s clear and simple instructions on Mindfulness of Breathing.  

Within this simple teaching is a deep and meaningful practice that is accessible to all humans, everywhere, helping to calm the body and calm the mind, open up access to a more clear view of life as-it-is. 

Sensitive and open awareness of one’s own breathing-in and breathing-out is a key to calming the body and mind.   This awareness communicates well-being and safety to your nervous system allowing for states of high alert to relax and the natural regenerative energy to circulate.

Enjoy an afternoon of bringing this ancient text to life in your own body and breath experience. 

We will become curious about the breath and body connection and work with: 

  • Gentle movement that will free the body tension and let breath flow more freely.
  • Exploring the various ways this beautiful text proposes to meet one’s own breathing.
  • Techniques to help soften habitual, hardened breathing patterns and learn how to breathe naturally.
  • Guided relaxation that brings us more in touch with a wider state of Being, with breath flowing through. 
  • Exploring the natural expressions of calm, joy, happiness and balance in the body, touched by the breath.

This workshop is open to all open-minded adults curious about the flow of life and potential of breath.   No prior experience yoga experience is necessary.

Each participant will receive a printed copy of the Anapatasati Sutra and receive links to TWO free audio downloads to continue the practice at home.

Tuesday 22 November, 2016

1:00 - 4:00 pm

JaYoga in Høvik

Cost:  350 kr. per person

To register contact JaYOGA