Welcome to a 4 hour workshop exploring the sacrality and potent flow of the spine.  

Axelson's Massage School  has invited me to share YogaSOMATICS in their central Oslo multi-approach school of healing and I am just delighted that YogaSOMATICS fits in with their vision.

Through the principles of YogaSOMATICS,  we will explore the deep potential of your own spine as ariver, an antenna, a serpent, a flow of connected information that rides on the tide of cerebral spinal fluid eventually resting in coherent resonance.   

Being in deep contact with your own spinal movement can help to create a sensation of wide calm, more energy and a wide sensing of life itself.

Our movements are soft and gentle for the body, so this workshop is open to all adults of any level of experience and physical ability.  Teachers and experienced yoga practitioners will find this evening inspiring and will give new input for your existing practice.

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