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The instinct for freedom beats deeply in the heart of every yogi and yogini.   

The longing for containment and connection pulses within every living being.

This workshop is a practical and poetic introduction to how energy naturally moves and flows in your own living body, and offers introspective practices for embodiment, grounding and centering for wellbeing.

Through movement, yoga asana, breathing and relaxation techniques, we will explore:

-How the energetic system of the body forms chakras, meridians and other energetic channels that contribute to how our bodies take shape and form, and also trans-form.

-Inner exercises for circulating “prana” (vital life force energy) towards your root, hara, heart and crown.

-Asana and somatic movements for bringing awareness to the entire spine and enhancing awareness of its own natural energetic currents and fluid tides.

-The life movements of involution and expansion and the yoga asanas that facilitate resiliency in the flux and flow of life.  

-Deep relaxation and healing breathing practices that attune your awareness towards the movements of your energetic body.

-A practice of myofascial unwinding that softly and gently helps to restore your myofascial/connective tissue to a state of healthy natural resiliency.   You will learn how myofascial unwinding can be an useful preparation for more advanced yoga asanas.

This workshop is open to all adults who are curious about the movement of life energy through their own body. No experience is required.  Beginners will appreciate the ease and new sensations of wellbeing of this practice.  Advanced practitioners and teachers of all kinds of yoga, movement and dance will appreciate a new perspective and being supported by a very experienced teacher in new discoveries. 

Saturday: 9.30-18.00 (lunch break 12.30-14.30)
Sunday: 9.30-13.30
Price: 1400 DKR
Booking: Danish Mobile Pay 28892450 - please contact organizer for who is outside of DK
Place: Copenhagen, address TBA

To register:   Birgitte Gorm Hansen  info@dynamicyoga.dk