A YogaSOMATICS and Healing Workshop with Ateeka

In the spirit of the many celebrations of Light during the month of December, in this afternoon of practice we will explore LIGHT.  

What is light?  Light within us, light around us. We explore  a practice that invites us towards cultivating a relationship with inner light as well as the quiet, embracing dark.

Breath, movement, asana and energetic inner exercises show us the way to contact inner light within our cells.  When circulated within, this light can be a healing energy that helps transform limitations into fresh new movements of body and mind.

We will explore the nature of inner light in the cells expressing itself as both radiance and luminosity.   What may be abstract becomes visceral and light becomes a known aspect of our energetic anatomy.

The workshop will offer both introspective and lively practices for embodiment, grounding, relaxation and centering for wellbeing through the practice of YogaSOMATICS.

Registration OSLO YOGA

Price: 350 kr.

Location:  OsloYoga - Yogahemsen

This workshop is open to all adults who are curious about the movement of life energy through their own body. No experience is required. Beginners will appreciate the ease and new sensations of wellbeing of this practice. Advanced practitioners and teachers of all kinds of yoga, movement and dance will appreciate a new perspective and being supported by a very experienced teacher in new discoveries.