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YogaSOMATICS in collaboration with NIA MOVEMENT GOTEBORG

TOUCH is one of the most potent forms of communication that we as humans have to convey connection, safety and trust.   A person who can connect with another through many channels of communication (words, touch, energetically) has the potential to support in deep and healing ways.

 In this EXPERIENTIAL workshop, you will learn hands on techniques to create a healing current of trust through caring and well-intentioned physical touch.    

This workshop is open and very accessible for individuals who simply wish to enhance their skills in CONSCIOUS TOUCH, and enjoy three days of deep connection with others.   It is a lovely setting for couples to reconnect to each other and enhance their intimacy through caring touch.  It is also a deepening for yoga/movement teachers and bodyworkers to add new skills and most of all INSPIRATION to their practices. 

Course format: 30% lecture and transmission and 70% giving touch and receiving touch from each other.  An enjoyable, healing, relaxing and very informative 2 days.


-The Healing and Connecting Power of Touch

-Techniques of Efferent, Afferent and Neutral Touch

-Touch Techniques to help become grounded and cultivate body awareness

-Techniques for calming the nervous system through touch

-Breath work that brings Presence to your touch

-Cultivating confidence in “not knowing” and open to a wider capacity for Intuitive touch and teaching/bodywork in general.   Learning to abide in Stillness – Presence – Neutrality with yourself and your students.

Dates:  15/16 October 2016

Time:   2 full days - time to be announced

Location:  NIA MOVEMENT studio Goteborg

To register:  info@niamovement.se