I am delighted to be invited back to teach at Yoga Games in Goteborg on Saturday, 27 May.

Purchase your ticket here.  Use the code ATEEKA and get 30 euros discount off of weekend ticket pass.

09:00 : Return to Center (Studio 2 Sun)  - Guided Relaxation

A profound relaxation that returns you to rest deeply in a relaxed center. Ateeka will guide you through 10 minutes of soft unwinding movement and then a 30 minute reclining guided meditation that will help you to ground and integrate all of the wonderful energies you have experienced during your day at the YogaGames A wonderful end of the day! This deep relaxation/meditation includes soft movement, stillness, natural breath awareness and noticing the inner flow of one’s own felt sense. It is open to EVERYONE! 

10:45 : Tantric Streams (Studio 4 Ocean)

This is a workshop about the natural healing and regenerative benefits of tantric practice. It is about relating to life and becoming intimate with your own life energy. You will develop an understanding of how vital life energy moves in a healthy body , how it may become stuck or stagnant and how to bring freedom to the flows. Through yoga movements, inner exercises and conscious touch in partners, we will work with a somatic understanding of chakra (vortex) energy, grounding streams and effortlessly riding an “updraft” of energy that has no force. If you have ever been curious to know more about Tantra, this is a gentle, safe and no-pressure space to explore