Perceiving the Energetic Body through Movement

A workshop series with ATEEKA

What cannot be seen can often be felt and perceived through movement and breath.

This workshop series is an invitation to open your felt-sense and intuition to sense currents of energetic and fluid movement in your own body.   The currents and flows of these fields can “shape” our state of wellness, physical body form, emotional experiences and even thoughts.   

We will experientially explore the energetic field and its natural directional flows called PRANA VAYU (the vital airs) and how these natural flows of life energy are in relationship to the chakras and masculine/feminine/unified energies of the spinal zone (ida/pingala/susumna).     Letting curiosity open the way for our practice, inner movements sculpt the physical body and yoga asana and pranayama comes as a natural expression of the energetic flows. . . EFFORTLESSLY.

This workshop is idea for all levels of practitioners.  Simply come with an open mind and curiosity to try something new.   Beginners will find the work accessible and enjoyable.  Advanced practitioners and teachers will find new inspiration and depth for their existing practice.

Dates:  Tuesdays  MAY 9, 16, 23  2017

Time:    12:30 - 15:30 pm

Place:  OsloYoga (Yogahemsen)

Cost:  1100  kr. for the three workshop series

To REGISTER:  Oslo Yoga Workshops