A soft & deep approach to yoga pranayama

Workshop with Ateeka - 15 June 2017 - 5:00 to 8:00 pm - Zensitiv Yoga - Silkeborg DK

“Breath is the vital element that initiates our movements and carries us through the flow of our movement and stillness meditations.  Breath is the transparent medium through which we can become aware of ourselves.  Breath is an ‘action’ that transmutes itself into an ‘existence’, a fluxing and flowing existence.  As we open more and more to our authentic breath, we sense an ongoing dance of polarities and their union exchange within us.” (Ateeka)

An experiential workshop for lovers of breath and life, we will bring awareness to the meditative and healing potential of your very own breath.  You will be introduced to various techniques (pranayama) of breathing, that ultimately lead into the “non-technique” of BREATHINGNESS where deeperconnection may occur.

Through breathing and movement explorations, we will touch into:

*The nature of the in-breath and the out-breath and its intimate connection with your nervous system.

*Pranayama/breathing techniques that unfold into the freedom of “no technique”

*Touching the inner body with the breath, widening perception and awareness

*Freeing the diaphragmatic tissue to let the breath live more fully in your body

*Contacting Hara center with your breath

*Resting into Cellular Breathing

This workshop is open and very accessible for individuals who simply wish to enhance their awareness of the vital flow of life felt through the breath, as well as enriching for yoga and movement teachers wishing to expand their practice and sharing.

Workshop Price:  350 DKK

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