This workshop is a practical and poetic introduction to the FLUID MATRIX naturally moving and flowing within our very own living bodies.  

Under one’s own skin, the FLUID MATRIX includes the cranio-sacral fluid, inter-cellular fluid, blood, ground substance and more. 

This inner fluid matrix is in resonance with the water and fluid elements of the Earth and into the Cosmos.   We have the capacity to sense the waves, spirals, ripples and flows of our own fluid and ride these watery movements outward into regenerative and effortless expressions of yoga asana, creative form and breathing.   It is like a dance with the fluid .  .  . 

This workshop is open to all adults who are curious about the movement of life energy through their own body. No experience is required.  Beginners will appreciate the ease and new sensations of wellbeing of this practice.  Advanced practitioners and teachers of all kinds of yoga, movement and dance will appreciate a new perspective and being supported by an experienced teacher in new discoveries. 

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