An experiential workshop for lovers of breath and life, we will give attention to the meditative and healing potential of your very own breath. You will be introduced to various techniques (pranayama) of breathing that ultimately lead into the “non- technique” of Breathingness where deeper connection may occur.

We through movement and breath, we will explore:

The nature of the in-breath and the out-breath and its intimate connection with your nervous system Breathing techniques that unfold into the freedom of “no technique” / Touching the inner body with the breath, widening of perception and awareness / Freeing diaphragmatic tissue to let the breath live more fully in your body / Contacting HARA center with the breath / Introduction to essential oils that may support the breath- nervous system connection.

Our movements are soft and gentle for the body, so this workshop is open to all adults of any level of experience and physical ability. Teachers and experienced yoga practitioners will find this evening inspiring and will give new input or your existing practice.

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