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4 week course with Ateeka & Ola Borud

October 23 - October 30 - November 13 - November 20

Welcome to a 4 week course for who wishes to make a deeper inner contact with themselves through the body, mind and emotions.

Your experience in this group will help you to awaken HEALTHY and HEALING aspects of yourself . . .to feel GOOD and ALIVE and in CONTACT with YOURSELF  in your daily life.

Ateeka will guide you in yogaSOMATICS and movement practices dedicated to touching in with deeper body contact and the mysteries, miracles and symbology of your own body perceptions.  Ateeka will teach in English.

Ola will support you in a meditative inner process of exploring your inner space and emotions through creative play, dream analysis, self-inquiry and mindfulness practices.  Ola will teach in Norwegian.

All practices are landed with gentle grounding and integrating bodywork and relaxation.

In our friendly environment of self-development,  you do not need to be a yogi or artist or trained meditator to participate.  :-)  A beginner’s mind is welcome and encouraged.  This course is about making contact with our inner energy, inner life, inner resources .  .  . bringing them into the light of awareness . . . and learning to contain and circulate this new found energy for feeling GOOD and ALIVE  in our daily lives.

Registration is for participation in all 4 weeks in succession.

påmelding: post@malastudio.no Vipps 547836

Price: 2000 kr.