A Mindful Tea Ceremony & Restorative Yoga With Ateeka & Ola Borud

‘Ceremonies are the way that we remember to remember… the power of ceremony is that it marries the mundane to the sacred’.  

(Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer)

Together, we move into the upcoming winter solstice and holiday season with a Mindful Tea Ceremony and Restorative Yoga practice.

The preparation and drinking of tea as a ceremony has its origins in the spiritual history of many cultures and continues to be a living practice of mindfulness in action. When we gather to drink a single cup of tea in a ceremonial way, we can ease into being in the here-and-now in a relaxed and natural way that evokes presence, gratitude and openness. These are some of the qualities that are essential for a more compassionate and harmonious world to develop around us.

In this afternoon practice, you will be guided by Ateeka in a restful Restorative Yoga session and Ola in a heart-felt Mindful Tea Ceremony and mindfulness practice.

To register: http://www.osloyoga.no

Welcome to a quiet celebration of the stillness of deep December . . . nourishing us all.