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A Mindfulness-based Approach to Relaxation and Healing

This course is an ideal immersion for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, health care professionals physiotherapists, massage and bodywork therapists, dance and creative movement practitioners and teachers, and anyone curious about enhancing their own potential for self-healing.

Taught by ATEEKA - founder of YogaSOMATICS and Somatic Awareness Institute

-Experience and learn to teach classic and innovative somatic based Restorative Yoga postures.

-Practice, principles and theory of Restorative/Relaxation Yoga. 

-Practice, principles and theory of Mindfulness  - both seated and reclining and how to apply into a Yoga practice.

-Body, breath and tissue reading skills.

-Posture variations and use of supportive props to meet your students’ individual needs.

-Nervous System Resets to help your students relax into a deep state of regenerative response.

-The important use of hands-on contact for support of the practice.

-Specific breathwork and pranayama practices for deep relaxation and healing.

-Specific protocols for teaching Restorative Yoga to those with chronic health issues.

-How sound and music affects the body-mind and use of sound/music in class.

-The use of Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils in Restorative Yoga.  

For more info:  info@birgittegorm.com