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Smell, Blend & Enjoy

The Art of BLENDING Essential Oils for Fragrance

with Lisa Bertoni

(professional perfumery educator from Italy)

Welcome to a workshop to open your sense of smell and learn the art of blending essential oils for creating your own personalized fragrance.

You will discover new ways to layer and blend your essential oils to create AND TAKE HOME WITH YOU a personalized blissful blend that brings you JOY and PLEASURE each time you wear it.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to make balanced and beautiful essential oil blends 

  • How to open up a more complex sense of smell 

  • The History of Perfume and Perfumery

  • The ancient use use of herbs and scents for women’s empowerment.

  • How smell is connected to the other senses (taste, touch, etc)

  • Discover how to use less familiar essential oils (like black pepper, cardamom or petitgrain) as they do in the art of perfumery.

Each participant will take home their own personalized fragrance in a rollerball.     Please bring your own essential oil kit to the workshop. A suggested list of single oils will be provided upon registration. Blending supplies will be provided.

PRICE: 1200 nok includes non-oil blending materials

LOCATION: Bergen studio to be announced

TIMES: 10 am - 6 pm

COURSE ORGANIZER: Ola Borud ola.mbsr@icloud.com

TO REGISTER: Send 1200 kr. via VIPPS to FLOWER POWER/Ola Borud 500859. Reference: Your name + doTERRA Blending Workshop BERGEN

REGISTER BY 15 MAY and you will be entered to win a kit of doTERRA Essential Oils especially suited for fragrance blending


Meet Lisa Bertoni

With a passion for fragrance, beauty and a holistic approach to living, LISA BERTONI is the brand ambassador and training manager for CAMPOMARZO 70, one of the world’s most exclusive perfume companies.   

Founded in Rome in the 1920’s,  CAMPOMARZO 70, specializes in fragrance research and niche perfumes that meets a one’s  individual style.  Lisa travels through Italy, training the sales consultants in 11 exclusive boutiques on the art of smell and about the raw ingredients necessary for making perfumes.  She uses doTERRA essential oils as her educational tools in these trainings, as well in her personal life for balance and well-being.

Lisa is also a YogaSOMATICS Teacher trained by Ateeka, Watsu practitioner and infuses her teaching of fragrance and smell with movement, yoga, breathing practices that help to relax the nervous system and open up one’s sensory system.  She lives in beautiful Verona, Italy.