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We are delighted to return to our favorite agriturismo in Tuscany, Sasseta Alta, for a summer INNER CONTACT retreat. In this week-long retreat, you will have the luxury of time . . . and good support . . . to get to know yourself better . . . body, breath, emotions, mind and stillness.

ATEEKA will guide you in body-and-breath centered moving meditations in the warm water environment of Sasseta Alta’s pool and also on land. You will work solo and also in partners and group exercises.

OLA is your guide and support in exploring the meaning of your dreams, creative expression and self-inquiry, mindfulness and meditation.

The aquatic environment is useful in helping us to soften our habitual patterns and relate to the water’s constant state of flow and change that is much like life.  Above all, the warm waters invite us towards relaxation and pleasure in life . . . a stream of the tantric attitude.

In this shared journey of inner and collective transformation, we will bathe ourselves in the eternal creative flow of life, rest into a space of presence and listen with heart to hear the vital flow of life that can flow through each one of us . . . each moment . . . each breath.

Sasseta Alta is a beautiful spacious agriturismo in the high hills of Tuscany (Maremma area) set amongst an old oak forest. The rooms are well designed, modern and very comfortable. An organic garden and other local farmers provide the ingredients for abundant and truly delicious meals THREE TIMES a DAY! In the summer, we generally dine outside in the fresh air . . . in the evenings under the stars!

This retreat is a way to TREAT YOURSELF WELL . . . both inside and out!

This workshop is open and very accessible for individuals who simply wish to enhance their awareness of the vital flow of life felt through the breath, movement and sound, as well as enriching for yoga and movement teachers and bodyworkers wishing to expand their practice and sharing.   We will work individually, in partners and in small groups half the time in bodywork & yoga (water and land) and half the time in creativity and self-inquiry practice.

Exact details and registration is forthcoming. If you would like to be added to the list for holding your space in the group, please write to ateekayoga@gmail.com expressing your interest. Space is limited.