Sacred Bearings:  The Compass Points of the Spine

Reflections from Ateeka

The compass points of the spine are the sacrum at the tail (or caudal) pole and the occiput at the head (or cranial) pole.

Sacrum lives as the heart shaped temple of Shakti pulsing with sensual earth-fluid energy in the base of your spine. Awaiting invitation to rise and flow from this temple is the sacred energy of vitality and life’s ceaseless flow. Sacrum has subtly moving joints that move with the breath, the cranial-sacral tide and with slow mindful movement.

Occiput lives as a cranial bone at the top of the vertebral column. A flower, a calla lily, an organic satellite dish.  Occiput is like a crescent moon, with a lunar curving inward, a wide luminous receptivity that reflects the sapphire flame the third eye.  A bone dense doorway, surrounded by tissue and fluid. We learn to perceive the whole cranial atmosphere through Occiput.

Activating the river of fluid between Sacrum and Occiput opens the flow for new levels of health.  The communications that are carried by this river quench the dry banks of world-weary psyche.

We learn to perceive . . . when Occiput moves, Sacrum moves. When Sacrum moves, Occiput moves. We are connected after all!  The pathway between Sacrum and Occiput is a river, an antenna, a serpent, a flow of connected information that rides on the tide of cerebral spinal fluid eventually resting in coherent resonance.

In the adult life, the flower of Occiput often remains tightly contracted in a bud of potential consciousness . . . until the tissue finds the safe support to unfold its petals.  The roots of this flower become established in “Sacral awareness.“  When the two poles have found a harmonized presence in the ceaseless flux of play-dialogue, ever-moving equilibrium, communication ever-complexifying, then the fluid river that courses between the two sacred poles, pools near the heart to tap the source of the hrydaya samudra . . . the heart ocean.

From these “waters” arises a sweet wave of awareness of delight. . .the end of the drama . . .ananda.

Sacrum and Occiput are the two shores that contain this ocean of the heart.

When the delight of this sweet-water-heart-ocean opens – so then expands the shores . . . infinitely expanding our awareness of the compass points of sacred Sacrum and Occiput.

An excerpt from LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN: Explorations in Living Yoga by Ateeka