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Inner Exercises are intentional movements within your energetic field useful for integration, balance, centering, grounding, clearing and healing one’s self.   Each inner exercise has a specific function and with some practice you will be able to feel the specific effects in your own body and energy field.

They are often guided by the rhythm of the respiratory breath, but are not pranayama.  It is said that energy “rides” on the the breath, so your own breathing rhythm brings a mindful resting place upon which to orient the energetic movements.

As with all YogaSomatics practices, work with gentleness and care, without forcing or imposing an outcome or objective upon the practice.  Stay open and curious.   Start with just 1 or 2 minutes of the these exercises per day and increase your practice as your system becomes accustomed to and can contain the growing energy within in.

CROWN-ROOT Inner Exercise:    Helps you to come home to your body.  To feel your place on Earth.  To feel grounded, calm and safe.   Circulates and grounds energy that you cultivate from meditation or yoga practice.

 This inner exercise is inspired by the teachings of healer Bob Moore, as transmitted to me through the instructions of Vaekstcenteret (Denmark) teachers.  

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Enjoy your practice!