Exploring your Dreams

Sessions with OLA BORUD

DREAMCATCHER Sessions are based on the interpretation of your dreams intended to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your life processes. In a typical session, you first tell me about a dream that has made an impression on you. Then together we explore the various symbols of the dream that have significant personal meaning.   The dream symbols arise from the unconscious parts of you . . . and give us a good (and sometimes, surprising) starting point from which we can can discuss what is working well in your life and where there may be room for growth and change. Your dreams, when explored deeply, can help you to discover and understand the deeper movement of emotional and life processes, so that you can find more clarity, understanding and free energy in your life.   

This individual work is very complimentary to the movement and bodywork that we explore in YogaSOMATICS.

Sessions can be in English or Norwegian Language

Online sessions 60 minutes / 50 euros

In-Person Sessions in Norway 90 minutes / 800 NOK

Ola Borud is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, art therapist and self-development coach dedicated to helping others see themselves clearly and live life with empathy and personal power.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to book a session:



+47. 900.64.900