Essential Oils for Yoga 

a YogaSOMATICS approach for deeper connection to the world of plants

A 10-hour Teacher Training with Ateeka


March 2018


A training for yoga teachers (and all others!)  who wish to widen their experience in how to work with essential oils in a class setting.  

This is a practice-oriented, hands-on training that will give you down-to-earth tools for how to wisely and CREATIVELY include the use of essential oils in a yoga or movement practice.  

We will connect to the plant kingdom as our guide into this journey . . . learning from the shape, feel, territory, scent and growing conditions of each plant-based essential oil.   

There are many ways that we can use essential oils in a class setting to help ourselves and our students to connect more deeply with breath and an authentic first-person experience in the body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).


To let a precious drop of essential oil - applied in a conscious and specific way - to open our senses and awareness towards various energy points, meridian flows and energetic circulations in our own systems.


To let a precious drop of essential oil - paired with a gentle or restorative yoga gesture - to lead us towards a deeper awareness of rest in the asana.


To let a precious drop of essential oil - paired with gentle yet specific pranayama practices - to show us the way to knowing our breath and nervous system response in new ways.

In this 10 hour training, you will learn:

  • A hands-on, sensory informed base knowledge of essential oils and the plants that they are derived from.
  • The six families of plants from which essential oils are derived from and the specific effects on our system.
  • How essential oils send messages to our nervous system . . . and how we can utilize this to open up new neurological responses.  New experience = new movement = new life.
  • Letting essential oils be a stimulus for becoming curious about our own inner body territory.
  • Pairing essential oils with specific energy points, meridians and chakras.
  • Effectively pairing essential oils and point work with yoga asana and pranayama.
  • Diffusion and beyond:  How to effectively diffuse oils in a class setting.
  • Teaching your students how to apply the oils to themselves in practice/the gift of self-contact.
  • Using essential oils as a way to create a contact-flow between the students in your class.
  • How to nurture yourself AS A TEACHER with essential oils before or after the teaching practice.
  • Making your own blends for your class
  • The use of carrier oils
  • Addressing student’s individual sensitivities to smell.  
  • Contraindications of essential oils for various conditions.
  • Opportunity for Questions and Answers as you use the oils in your own classes.
  • This 10 hour training will give you a concrete base of knowledge about essential oils and a clear format that you can use to share essential oils in your own classes.  

Training includes a comprehensive "ESSENTIAL OILS for YOGA" course manual. 

Course Place:  ZENSITIV YOGA in Silkeborg DK

Course Dates:  3 Meetings on Tuesdays:  March 6, March 13, March 20 (a 3 meeting series - modules cannot be taken separately at this time.)

Course Time:  13:00 - 17:00 each day.

Course Cost:  1700 kr.  includes “Essential Oils for Yoga” course manual.  All materials: essential oils, etc for use in our 3 meetings, are provided.   An opportunity to purchase essential oil supplies at wholesale prices will be available to course participants.

This course is valid for 10 elective credit hours for who is in YogaSOMATICS Teacher Training or SOMATIC BODYWORK Practitioner Training.