Feel the porosity of your wonderful skin.

Like a silk wrapping that contains the expansive essence of YOU just perfectly.

Breath through, see through

This lovely gift wrapping of the greatest gift ever . . .


Vijnana Bhairava Tantra #25

as translated and expanded upon by Ateeka

After my morning shower, I dedicate myself to feed my skin with touch and natural oil.  Three minutes of slowing down, feeling the silky oil from Elysia.dk. smooth over my skin. Feeling the touch of my own hands on my skin.  Feeling the sensation of skin becoming nourished and hydrated.  Opening to the sensation of breathing and drinking skin . . . skin as sense organ that perceives, informs, receives and gives.   

My favorite organic and hand made skin-love-care is made by Ny at Elysia.dk.  Depending on the season and my inner voice, I most often choose the LINDRENDE OLIE for soothing or the VILDROSECREME (wild rose creme) to nurture my feminine.   

Choose any natural and organic skin nurturing oil or creme that you love . . . it could even be simple organic virgin coconut oil that wants to soak in . . . Listen to your skin and your touch and your hands . . . and enjoy self love - body care as a meditative joy!