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Essential Oil roses.jpg

flower power

Essential oils to 💜 OPEN the senses 💜 BREATH with more awareness 💜 ENJOY the beautiful scents and feelings that they give 💜 CONNECT with the plant world 💜 EMPOWER a life of FREEDOM and COOPERATION. 


flower power

Essential oils to 💜 OPEN the senses 💜 BREATH with more awareness 💜 ENJOY the beautiful scents and feelings that they give 💜 CONNECT with the plant world 💜 EMPOWER a life of FREEDOM and COOPERATION. 

. . .the birth of Flower🌸Power

I am very VERY blessed to spend many months a year living in our rustic outdoor garden in Sardegna, Italy that we affectionately call OLIVANANDA.  This little olive grove has 108 twisty-turny olive trees, myrtle bushes, bay leaf trees, naturally growing calendula and thistle and angelica root.  February brings wild asparagus growing on the hillside, April is the month for wild lavender.  July is helichrysum on the seaside and November is of course, the olive harvest.   This garden is like a living apothecary!  In the summer months we live mostly barefoot . . . and we live, breathe, sleep, eat and practice almost all in the open air amonst the trees.   

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While practicing some meditation in the garden during August of 2017,  I had an experience that  reconnected me deeply with the plant world . . . and our planet’s atmosphere in general.  The green world of plants and that precious, thin, delicate, amazing layer of atmosphere that we all . . . humans, plants, animals and more . . . live and exchange life in.   

This deepening into visceral connection with the plant-human exchange led me back to explore my essential oils . . . which have been in and out of focus for me for over 25 years.    It was like returning to the arms of an old familiar love . . .with new awareness.  My nose and heart was open to work with them again . . . and feel how they worked within me.  It felt fresh and new.

In my drawers in my little cottage there were lots and lots of bottles of essential oils . . . some that I used frequently and others that had gotten a bit old and no longer so potent for their therapeutic benefits.   Most essential oils have a good shelf life of 18-24 months, and most of my bottles  had been open longer than that.

So, as my love for the oils came  into focus, and I was exploring purchasing some new bottles, a student introduced me to doTERRA essential oils.  I tried these Certified Pure and Therapeutic Grade essential oils  for a few months and fell in LOVE with them and how they made me feel . . . of course physically, but even more so, I was so moved by how I received an emotional and spiritual support from these concentrated plant essences.  They truly felt like aromatic essences of life . . . and in a way, quenched something within my emotional field that had been "thirsty" for this purity and potency


I continued to "do my research" as I used these new oils and added more to my daily practice.   It was important to me that I was sourcing essential oils that were pure and clean for my system, as well as being ethically sourced in their harvest.   A few weeks of research before purchasing these oils proved to me that because doTERRA IS a big company, they also have the capacity to make big change in the communities that harvest the plants.   doTERRA produces Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils via Co-Impact Sourcing . . .giving care to the plants and the people that harvest the plants.  That was so important to me . . . and one of the main reasons I choose to purchase my oils from doTERRA.   doTERRA does not have ALL the oils I need and am called to .  . . but it DOES have about 75% of them.     The others that my system calls for provides me with a fun treasure hunt to small artisan distributors around the world.  At this writing, I am exploring a small-scale artisan producer of fern essential oils from the islands of Hawaii!  WOW! Look for those coming around too!






My husband, Ola and I have formed a team (now about 200 people in 15 countries) called TEAM FLOWER🌸POWER  . . . who are learning about the many ways we can use these oils . . . ESPECIALLY in the subtle fields . . . and sharing this with the people around us.   Some people are simply now and then purchasing the oils for their own use in home and classes. Others are more actively sharing the oils and also earning a supplemental income.   How each person wishes to engage is her or his own choice. . . and we just love to support in this.

I have also made a video channel accessible only to our TEAM FLOWER🌸POWER . . . with 30 + instructional videos (and more being added all the time) about how I use the oils in my classes and bodywork practices . . . as well as access to all my notes and notebooks about essential oil and practice use.  I love making these drawings . . . you can see one  of them here . . . and when you join our TEAM FLOWER🌸POWER, you get full access to all of these educational materials, plus our personal support in helping you to discover and share the "Art of Living .  .  . with Essential Oils."


I teach classes in ESSENTIAL OIL for YOGA around the world . . . and that is a true passion for me now . . . to see how we ALL are so deeply connected to the plant world . . . and how some unassuming, naturally fragrant plant essences can bring us closer to our self, in such a pleasant way.

It's easy to join us in our organic growth!  Click on one of the starter kits below (depending on your country of residence) . . . and you will have 10 or more beautiful essential oils in your home in a short time, to enjoy, explore, create wellness and flow . . .

With Love, Light and Lavender . . .