Elemental Essential Oil Kit


Elemental Essential Oil Kit

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4 Essential Oils from doTERRA that represent the ELEMENTAL ENERGIES



Clary Sage

Ylang Ylang

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Kit includes:

1 - VETIVER (15 ml) - EARTH Element - Ultimate roots . . . rooting here on Earth - Gathering and coherence of scattered mental energy   Helping with deep sleep and very settling for the nervous system. Vetiver is a deep root, that can grow near 3 meters down into the earth. 1- Ethically sourced from Haiti

1 - EUCALYPTUS (15 ml). AIR Element - Brings movement and freshness. The energy of exchange with LIFE. Very useful in moving energy where we feel “sucked down” or stagnant. If Koala’s love Eucalyptus . . . so will we! The eucalyptus tree has the great skill of sinking roots deep into the earth (sometimes up to 60 ft!) to find water . . . transform it upwards through its tall trunk into fragrant leaves that bring us this essential oil.

Ethically sourced from Australia

1 - CLARY SAGE (15 ml). Clary Sage is ‘friendly fire” . . . bringing new life, energy and circulation to the hormonal system. Clarity. Femininity. Feminine Fire and Action. Beautiful earthy smell, she speaks to the HARA . . . and such a gem for women. Reduces pain and soothes pain and discomfort also during pre/menstrual moments. Clary sage is said to help with dream recall.

Ethically sourced from USA

1 - YLANG YLANG (15 ml) WATER Element - Queen of the night, sensuality, flow and openness. Ylang Ylang is a flower that blooms just before dawn and is pollinated by night moths. She speaks to the heart and blood. Sweet and deep, helping to create easeful flow and relax us when we feel resistant to change.

Ethically sourced from Madagascar


1 - PDF of how to use Essential Oils for balancing your INNER ELEMENTS including blend recipes and ideas for using these oils.
1 - sample vial of Ateeka’s CHI BLEND for circulating stuck energy

1 - ROLLER BOTTLE (empty) so that you may make your own blends

Guided Meditation "YIN YANG" by Ateeka for Audio Download

Includes a membership in TEAM FLOWER POWER . . . including unlimited online education and study group, e-books, sketches and notes from Ateeka and access to Flower Power only essential oil trainings and inspiration days. (This offer of online training is valid only for who is new to doTERRA . . . For who is already a doTERRA member, you will receive a 7 day screening to the online videos.)

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