Sound is audible breath. Our pranayama practices often lead to an exploration of NADA-YOGA . . . the yoga of divine sound, vibration and rhythm. Sanskrit, mantra and prayer chants arise from an exploration of sound. Find your inner sound and allow it to give rise to your true voice which then will turn you back inside to the place of no-sound.

Nada Yoga is a Breathsong in which the world BECOMES.

The whole world is a criss-crossing inter-penetrating matrix of vibrations. It is from vibration that all creation has continues to “become”. You cannot be simply an observer. At any moment you are giving and receiving millions of vibratory signals to all the other animate and inanimate beings in our universe.

Life is a soundbath. . . immerse yourself in its flow.

To sound profoundly – first listen – listen deeply . . . with all of your heart.

By themselves, things are devoid of meaning. Everything is everthing. According to the Vedas, each thing means all things and all things are Divinity itself. All things are the doorstep of the Divine.