Yoga Somatics with Ateeka is an ever-changing and growing approach to yoga with the primary objective of RECOVERING THE NATURAL INTELLIGENCE that lives and thrives in our living, breathing bodies. Practices encourage full body self-awareness and vital health through innovative movement, breath, sound and meditation experience.

Yoga Somatics explores the inner territories of body, mind and emotions through organic yoga asanapranayama, sitting meditation, nada‐yoga (the yoga of divine sound), asana and bodywork in warm waterbodywork on land, spontaneous movement, creative expression and verbal sharing. The inner and outer movements of yoga asana become a meditation that leads toward deeper awareness of your inner self and will help you to cultivate trust in the intelligence of your own body.

Learn effective practice techniques for re-­appropriating, circulating, grounding and utilizing vital life force energy. In a state of balanced, flowing life energy, we can access the vast potential for healthy bodies, emotional equilibrium and connection with Source. Each practice is an opportunity to bathe ourselves in the eternal creative flow of life, drop into a space of presence and listen with heart-­full curiosity to our inner territory and how we relate to the world around ourselves.