250 Hour Yoga Somatics Teacher Training & Mentorship Program


Year 2 in Bergen, Norway

beginning May 2019 - Oslo, Norway

Maggio e Dicembre 2019-2019 - Bari -Puglia - Italia


This training and mentorship program will enrich your own yoga/movement practice and give you a new foundation and set of somatic practitioner skills for teaching yoga to others, or the bring a somatic perspective into health care and holistic therapeutic settings.

You will learn deep integrative therapeutic techniques and meditative practices to help reduce stress, shift neuro-emotional/psycho-somatic patterns, awaken deep body consciousness, cultivate health, vitality and balance.  You will learn effective mind-body connection practices for re-appropriating, grounding, circulating and utilizing life energy (prana).  When life energy is flowing and balanced, one can access a vast potential for a healthy body, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and deeper understanding of life process.   

This training is an opportunity to bring depth to your experience of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements in your life, and how to share this with students and clients.

All modules include deep investigation into asana, movement, breath, sound, contact, embodied and energetic anatomy, collective symbols & archetypes, yoga philosophy from a somatic perspective.  All modules include movement and breath explorations made individually, in partners and with hands-on contact.

Simply by participating in this course, you will investigate how we can sensitively perceive and respond to others. The somatic communication skills learned in this part of the course are essential for those who wish to teach, and are very useful simply as human beings, in relation with one another in every moment.  

By participating in this course, you will be part of a rich field of of ideas, energy and manifestations in motion.