LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN:  Experiments in Living Yoga

240 pgs. Full Color by Ateeka

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LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN is back in stock with the 2nd edition print and a new fresh cover. The book content is the same as the first edition.

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Written to inspire rather than instruct, LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN: Experiments in Living Yoga, shares a new vision for self development that synthesizes the timeless wisdom of tantra with modern somatic and healing techniques that the reader towards a profound awareness of what it means to be part of a living universe. 

Clearly explained yoga and breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and insightful meditations create a base content for the reader’s empowerment.  Poetry, personal reflections and the author’s own full color illustrations on nearly every page enrich LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN with a “second voice” of feeling, sensing and emotion.  This book speaks strongly to the soul of a woman.

LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN  is a deep and poetic non-fiction investigation of the healing potential that thrives within the bio-movement roots of yoga postures, breath-work and deep relaxation.  


"I'm deeply, deeply impressed by all the stunning and graceful metaphors you use throughout your book - I realize that this is really what makes everything vivid and alive for me."  (Gerd - Norway)

"Your book just arrived and I opened it to page after page of beauty!"       (Lorin Roche Ph.D.   Author of "The Radiance Sutras")

"I feel like this book was written for me!. . . Was it?"        (Emmanuel - Tai Chi Master from France)