This is a retreat just for WOMEN who have participated in the yogaSOMATICS or SOMATIC BODYWORK Trainings . .. or who are seasoned practitioners of yogaSOMATICS with Ateeka or another certified teacher.

A 5 day retreat at the Danish seaside just for women who already have a deeper experience in yogaSOMATICS and SOMATIC BODYWORK and wish to explore practices working with the sexual energy.  You will be guided by ATEEKA  in a very safe and sacred space towards coming home to your  unique female body, getting in contact with and circulating  your sexual energy for vitality, deeper understanding and  moving out into life in gentle, integrated and empowered way.  

Ancient practices  from the Tantric  and Taoist approaches, combined with our modern somatic awareness guide from the inside out to discover  more of yourself, your body, your sexuality, your emotions, your very human-ness. The relationship that you cultivate with yourself directly reflects upon the relationships you have with others.  

Our tantric meditations can include organic yoga movement, breath-work, dance, safe self-contact and partners massage, sitting meditation, sacred sound, creative expression, ritual and verbal sharing . All of our meditations will lead toward deeper awareness of your inner self and will help you to cultivate trust in the intelligence, power and flow of your own sexual and life energy.   This retreat is open by application only.

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Course Date: 7 - 12 January 2020

Location: A private retreat center near Aarhus, Denmark 

For more information:  BIRGITTE SØNDERGAARD