Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training with Ateeka is rooted in the awareness that bodies heal themselves.  Somatic Bodywork Practitioners have a role of supporting another (client or student) to realize one’s most adaptable and creative possibilities for integrated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.   A 250-hour training curriculum offers an in-depth experiential process in which participants learn the healing significance of full body holding, contact, movement, breath and sound to deepen their own somatic awareness and apply it directly to an innovative and sensitive bodywork application.

No matter what the state of the receiver, our primary objective is to bring to light that which IS already  healthy. The investigative, exploratory process of the Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training emphasizes direct experience and how to apply it's multitude of techniques and "non-techniques" for its intrinsic life affirming, feeling-sense, non-verbal communication and deep listening through movement and stillness.

Each of the training modules has 5 aspects:

1.     Technique:  A complete study and practice of full body holding, transitions, contact techniques and energetic work used in a Somatic Bodywork Professional session.

2.    Somatic Education: Tecniques to recognize repetitive movement, breath, thought   and behavioral patterns in your client during a Somatic Bodywork session and tools and home practice exercises to empower your clients healing process.

3.     Integral Anatomy: Experiential study into the integrative functionality of human anatomy, especially anatomical systems and how they relate and support one another.

 4.     Mindfulness and meditation:  Formal instruction in Mindfulness and meditation techniques will be taught and suggestions for developing a home practice will be introduced.  By quieting the mind and opening to the present moment, a Somatic Bodywork Professional session becomes a deep meditative and healing experience for both client and practitioner.  A mindful attention to "being with a person, rather than doing something to a person" through neutrality and presence, the practitioner welcomes a deeper connection and healing potential for each session.

 5.     Personal Growth: By honestly coming in contact with one’s inner self, in all its bright and dark aspects, we become clearer and more neutral containers for our client’s healing process.  This course offers many opportunities to dive deep into the shadows, discover and ultimately express your “inner gold” (ever evolving life potential) through the process of giving and receiving Somatic Bodywork.

Ateeka's Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training is an ideal continuation of professional skills for bodyworkers, massage therapists, Watsu practitioners, yoga teachers, movement specialists, dance/somatic practitioners, healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, personal coaches, psychologists, counselors, creative arts teachers.  Somatic Bodywork is a meditative practice that enhances well-being, connection and awareness in a wide scope of fields.

Some of the courses of this training have no pre-requisite and are also open to all who are curious about movement, health, creativity and meditative presence for their own personal enrichment.