YogaSOMATICS in and with the water . . . invites the fluid, changeable, responsive nature of water and flow into personal and teaching practice. 

Our immersion practices are in warm water (34 - 36 C)  pools, hot springs and varied temperature natural water sources around the world.  We work individually and in partners to become intimate with the "soul of the waters".  As we immerse ourselves into the way of the waters, we also invoke its regenerative movements in our own bodies.  We become aware of ourselves as fluid beings. Our movements harmonize with the movements of the water and the meeting becomes a "water sutra".

What is a Water Sutra?


A water sutra is an appearing and disappearing thread of Knowing . . . that rises up to be experienced in one’s own body and consciousness through the movements of the element of water, and dissolves back into the mutable space of water.


In ancient times, sutras, or aphorisms of eternal knowledge have been written and recorded as words in sacred texts.   


Now, we rest into appearing and dissolving movements of water as our teachers . . . supportive, free, ever-changing yet eternal.


Like a ripple in a pond, we recognize the movement of a water sutra when we see it, feel it . . . and it melts back into the source it came from, yet leaving its watermark on our awareness.


A water sutra is mutable.


A water sutra is containing.


A water sutra is taking shape of its environment.


A water sutra is reflective.


A water sutra is flow.


A water sutra is stillness.


We simply can Know ourselves when experienced through the movements and qualities of water.