View from the terrace
Historical Bosa
outside fireplace for cool evenings

outside fireplace for cool evenings

cottage tucked into the trees and hills

cottage tucked into the trees and hills

beautiful local beach about 6 km from the garden "S'abba Druche"

beautiful local beach about 6 km from the garden "S'abba Druche"

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

summer shower under the olive trees - warmed by the sun

summer shower under the olive trees - warmed by the sun

summer outdoor wash basin

summer outdoor wash basin


Welcome to our small olive garden paradise, OLIVANANDA. . . aka The Home of the Happy Olive .  .  .  in Bosa, Sardegna.


Bosa is 45 km south of a larger city, ALGHERO on Sardegna's West-central coast.  The garden itself is 2km from the town and about 4 km from the closest beach and is a small, isolated olive garden setting in a quiet valley.  There are a few farmers that make gardens in the neighboring properties, and also a local sheepherder who grazes his herd on the land nearby.  Other than that, you see very few people here.

If you wish for some local contact, you will find it in Bosa.  Bosa is a charming and beautiful small town of about 6000 permanent residents built on the hillside of the Castle Malaspina and along side the River Temo (Sardegna's only navigable river).  During the morning there is lots of activity in town and it quiets down at lunch time and in the evenings.

Bosa has 3 large supermarkets, many small markets, an herbal store (erboristeria) where you can get some limited "health food" provisions, pharmacy, hospital, many good restaurants and bars and amazing beach so so close by.   There is a local market day every Tuesday morning from 8:30 - 12:30 in the town.  


Average daily temperatures are 30C - 35C in the summer (July, August and middle of September) with full sun, little rain and long days / 22C - 28C in the fall and spring (with very fresh mornings and evenings) mostly dry weather with a few rain showers/ and in winter about 10C-17C and it can rain for daily or have some really wonderful sunny days too.    The sea is pleasant to swim in from beginning of May to mid October.

This private garden is "off the grid" and we use candles for light at night, simple camp kitchen gas cooking, solar showers, well water. Solar power is available for charging cell phones, computers, reading lights,  etc. There is not enough wattage for using hairdryers or other high consumption appliances.   We have a satellite internet connection, that works during the day (while the solar power creates the electricity for the satellite)  


You will find all the simple comforts you will need, yet nothing in excess. The cottage is a rustic but renovated one room cottage of 26 sq meters with cozy indoor kitchen, large 2x2 meter bed, toilet and shower and nice fireplace.    


Outside is 30 sq. meter covered terrace with a beautiful view of the small valley below.  You see only a few small houses and an ancient church from the view on the terrace.  No "signs" of any modern life - just nature and historic feeling.

It is so beautiful and quiet for yoga, meditation, writing, painting, having a nice coffee and looking out on the view.  We have some meditation cushion and mats for you to use if you like.  Also yoga mats available.   


There is also an outdoor kitchen that is more roomy that you can use on all sunny days, with stove, oven, sink and plenty of room.    


We have a lovely and spacious SILBY BELL tent outfitted with mattresses so that if you prefer to sleep outdoors, there is also that option.


In the summer we use solar showers  (under an olive tree) which are generally warm by around 2 pm until 8 pm with warm to HOT water - depending on the strength of the sun and wind direction of the day. If you like a nice fresh cold shower . . . then first thing in the morning is the right time for you! :-) 

In the winter, you can have a shower in the house by running the generator for about 30 minutes to heat the water.


We have well water for showers, cleaning, toilets etc. but it is not filtered for drinking.  You can find spring water sources about 10 km from the garden, or purchase drinking water in the local grocery.


The closest airport is ALGHERO (AHO). It is about 50 km from the garden and 1 hour 15 minute drive.

The next closest is OLBIA (OLB).  This is a 2 hour 15 minute drive.

There is also CAGLIARI (CAG) at the bottom of the island, which is also about 2 hour 15 minute drive.

It is most practical to have a car while you are staying the garden.