Yoni Egg - Obsidian


Yoni Egg - Obsidian


3.0 cm x 4,5 cm (54 gram)

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

"Yoni" is a sanskrit term for "Sacred Space" . . . a woman's vagina and intimate center.

 Yoni Eggs have been used for many decades by in-tuned and alive women who value vaginal wellness as a key to overall feminine health.

Yoni Eggs help you enhance your well-being, connect more intimately with yourself and experience enhanced sensation in your vagina allowing for more aliveness, pleasure and self awareness.

By improving the tonacity of the pelvic ground muscles (the Pubococcygeus and surrounding tissue) you will become more in tune with your orgasmic energy, increase your flow of sexual hormones and heighten the responsiveness of your entire sacred area.

Obsidian is a ROOT CHAKRA stone . . . said to absorb negative energy from the environment and to help us "see in the dark" . . . an energetic support as we get in contact with unconscious material in our psyche, that can be held in the body and cells.

The eggs come with a hole drilled through the thinner end of the egg. This allows for attaching a string for ease in removing the egg from the Yoni. For choice of string we recommend non-waxed and non-flavored Glide dental floss. The egg comes in a small red pouch with basic instructions.


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