One of the ancient texts of tantra practice is the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.  This lyrical text recounts a "lover's conversation" between Shiva (masculine principle) and Parvati (Shakti - feminine principle).  Each aphorism is a world in itself . . . each a doorway to know the "delights of this wonder-filled universe".     Several beautiful translations and commentaries of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra exist, with the most extensive being Osho's masterpiece, The Book of the Secrets. 

Vijnana Bhairava tantra meditations continue to be the foundation for Yoga Somatics teachings, again and again bringing us back to life process . . . daring, difficult or delightful.

An aspect of Ateeka's meditative practice includes playing with and writing commentary on these beautiful sutras.  Forthcoming will be her book with the 112 sutras revealed as accessible and alive everyday practices.  Below are a few for you to enjoy now.


There is a moment ! Sometimes short.  Sometimes long.

Between your inhalation and your exhalation

Where your breath turns the corner upon itself

And smiles in its own lovely face.


VBT #25


Choose a vowel . . . any vowel A, E,O,U,EE

And sound that vowel.

Watch it emerge from deep inside of you. . . 

And watch it disappear into the silence of its origins.


VBT #40


Observe inky blackness in front of your closed eyes.

Swim in that darkness where you cannot look, but you can see.

Give your inner eye time to adjust.

Fear not, great cosmic diver, all forms are born of this sightless sea.