In the practice of Yoga Somatics, breath is the vital element that initiates our movements and carries us through the flow of our meditations. Breath is the transparent medium through which we meet ourselves. Breathing is an “action” that transmutes itself into an “existence”, a fluxing and flowing existence. As we open more and more to our authentic breath, an ongoing dance of polarities and their union exchange within us. The liberated breath is Tantra.

An authentic organic yoga practice grants us the opportunity to reconnect with the potentiality of our original pulsing breath. Through cultural influences and life experiences, we may have adopted fixed patterns of respiration that can limit a deep and intimate connection with the life force that rides on the breath. Healthy respiration bathes our entire system not only with oxygen, but also vital life source energy often referred to as prana, ki, chi or mana. It is a free flowing, limitless energy. The natural potency of the breath is enhanced by the adaptability and responsiveness of the tissue of the rib cage, diaphragm, spine and pelvis. The breath itself is a sacred and flowing source of life that needs no manipulation or practice to unlock its vital presence. Prana is ever-present and inexhaustable. We can, however, find ways to liberate limitations in our body’s tissues and allow the breath to enter us more fully and freely.

Often we use a great percentage of our “prana” or vital energy to maintain old modes of defense and beliefs based on fear. These can manifest as constraint in the body’s tissues and limits the flow of vital, life-affirming fluids through them. Imagine the great amount of energy available to us when we invest it in present moment joy rather than conditioned beliefs. Imagine feeling safe and fluid within your own skin with ample energy to share. Imagine always having enough. The reality is that this level of health, vitality, abundance and love already exists within us. Coming to know the authentic breath through Systemic yoga practices can help us to recognize this very natural presence.

Slowing down and “freedom riding” the respiration into organic fluid movement immerses us in an ocean rich in experiences that we may not always access by without this awareness of breath. Our breath becomes our most intimate companion, and we can ride the tides of the breath into a neutral cosmic stillness. . . the heart of meditative presence.