“All of our practices have only one goal (if there is a goal) and that is to awaken natural intelligence.”

Our  yoga practices are based on a holistic vision that when all living systems are coherently connected, a “natural intelligence” arises from within creating balance and harmony in every aspect of our lives.  Natural Intelligence is an all-encompassing holistic intelligence that emanates from every cell of every living being.  It is a self-regulating, sensing, responsive, adaptable entity that is made up of all that we are, ever have been and ever will be.  Inherently creative, Natural Intelligence is intimately connected with the vibrations that emanate from all other beings.   

Natural intelligence can be felt as an innate connection to the rhythms of the natural world and to the movements inside your body.  It is the seat of presence when you honor your intuition.  Natural Intelligence responds with one word instead of many.  Natural Intelligence is deep listening and right response from that listening.  Natural Intelligence knows how to contribute and how to receive.  Natural Intelligence is in a constant state of moving towards dynamic balance.  Natural Intelligence is willingness to change direction, willingness to adapt, willingness to connect.  The allowing of Natural Intelligence brings you back to your own regenerative and creative power.  Within it circulates vital life force energy of prana, within it moves all the movements of life.  Throughout it we live, breathe and have experiences.  Natural Intelligence supports an interactive and meditative state of being.

It is my wish for you that your life becomes a joyful meditative journey guided by your Natural Intelligence rather than an imposed set of principles or rules.  It is my wish you for that in each moment, while you participate in all of the experiences of this great play of life called leela, that you can remain connected to the field of possibilities that exists when your Natural Intelligence is flowing.