The Water Sutras

Opening to a Tantric Attitude with the support of a warm water environment

Facilitated by Ateeka

A 4 day workshop in warm water and on land

One of the ancient texts of tantra practice is the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.  This lyrical text recounts a "lover's conversation" between Shiva (masculine principle) and Parvati (Shakti - feminine principle).  Each aphorism is a world in itself . . . each a doorway to know the "delights of this wonder-filled universe".   

Several beautiful translations and commentaries of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra exist, with the most extensive being Osho's masterpiece, The Book of the Secrets. 

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra meditations (sutras)  provide potent and meditative doorways that  can again and again bring us back to awareness of life as-it-is . . . daring, difficult, delicate, delightful!     In this workshop, we will explore many of these body and breath centered meditations in the warm water environment of Osho Miasto pool.   The aquatic environment is useful in helping us to soften our habitual patterns and relate to the water’s constant state of flow and change that is much like life.  Above all, the warm waters invite us towards relaxation and pleasure in life . . . a stream of the tantric attitude.


The tantric meditative explorations include free movement and breath work adapted for an aquatic environment, meditative stillness, sound work, partners touch and bodywork and tantric/taoist philosophy inspired by the water.

In this shared journey of inner and collective transformation, we will bathe ourselves in the eternal creative flow of life, rest into a space of presence and listen with heart to hear the song of the Divine that sings through each one of us . . . each moment . . . each breath.

This workshop is open and very accessible for individuals who simply wish to enhance their awareness of the vital flow of life felt through the breath, movement and sound, as well as enriching for yoga and movement teachers and bodyworkers wishing to expand their practice and sharing.   We will work individually, in partners and in small groups primarily in the warm water and with some hours on land as well.

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