• Somatische Akademie Berlin (map)

I am delighted to be presenting two yogaSOMATICS workshops in the reputable Somatische Akademie Berlin during their first SOMATIC YOGA WEEK. The line up of teachers is really exciting . . . and a wonderful opportunity to taste many different approaches to Yoga & Somatics.

And . . . it’s in one of the world’s most progressive cities . . BERLIN!

Ateeka’s workshops are:

DEDICATION TO THE ROOT:  Exploring Root Chakra Energies

Tuesday 4 December 15:30 - 17:30 pm

An experiential practice to open to a felt-sense of your own root chakra and the fields that support the root.   When the root chakra is well established, we feel rooted, safe and able to move outward into the world ease. Women and men have slightly different energetic anatomy at the root, and this will be brought to light.  We will work with breath, movement, visualization and inner energetic exercises to bring awareness to our physical state, emotional perception and energetic flow at the root.    


Wednesday 5 December 9:30 - 11:30

Welcome to a Path of Softness . . . where flow is more powerful than force.

A movement meditation with tantric resonance that includes organic yoga and life movements, awareness of breath, sacred sounding and gentle contact to make contact with the matrix of oceanic energy of the second chakra.

Our meditations will lead toward deeper awareness of Sacral Chakra as a matrix, energy center, chakra and field.   This workshop is a guided movement and stillness ritual with the flow of cultivating trust in the intelligence, power and flow of your own life energy.

You can find information and registration about the festival week here: