• Mannheim
  • Germany

Tantra for Women:  A Healing Journey back Home

Meeting #2

“A Woman's Most Natural Way to Meditation is through LOVE”

Ateeka will guide you in a very safe and sacred space towards coming home to your beautiful and unique female body, channeling your life and sexual energy and moving into life in an integrated and empowered way.  

Ancient meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra as well as Vajravogini practices combined with modern somatic awareness guide us from the inside out to discover yourself, your body, your emotions, your very human-ness. The relationship that you cultivate with yourself directly reflects upon the relationships you have with others.  

Our tantric meditations can include organic yoga movement, breath-work, dance, safe self-contact and partners massage (fully clothed) , sitting meditation, sacred sound, creative expression, ritual and verbal sharing . All of our meditations will lead toward deeper awareness of your inner self and will help you to cultivate trust in the intelligence, power and flow of your own sexual and life energy.

We will explore:  

  • Accessing Meditative Stillness by channeling sexual energy
  • How to “come home” to your body through movement and sensing  
  • The healing power of pleasure and and orgasmic energy
  • How recognize and channel the inherent creative power of sexual energy in your own body
  • Womb Wisdom :the sacred anatomy of the pelvis and woman’s genitals and how to recognize and free held tension in these areas
  • How to create safe boundaries in which to explore your sexual energy
  • Creative expression (through art and movement) and writing exercises that help give meaning and release taboo-tension around sexuality
  • Develop personal rituals of self-care and self-touch including some sensual “home-play” exercises.
  • The heart’s role in sexuality: awaken your desire for love and intimacy and sexuality  
  • Explore how sexual energy can lead to deep inner stillness.
  • The Path of Softness: Flow is more powerful than force.

TANTRA FOR WOMEN is open to women of all backgrounds and levels of yoga/meditation practice, even complete beginners.  This is a gentle and non-pressure introduction into the ways of a woman.  If you are not sure if this course is for you, please feel free to send an email to Ateeka personally to inquire about the appropriateness of the material. Most women find the work liberating, joyful and non-threatening.  

This is meeting #1 of a 4 part on-going group.  Please plan to be part of all 4 meetings.

For further information and registration:  anke.jacoby@email.de