Ola Borud is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, art therapist and self-development coach dedicated to helping others see themselves clearly and live life with empathy and personal power.

Meditation has been an integral part of Ola’s life for over 20 years.  His enthusiasm for mindfulness meditation and other body-mind practices comes from his own discoveries with contemplative and therapeutic practices, including a daily sitting and long retreat (40 days to 3 month) meditation practice that has been inspired and informed by the teachings he has received from Vaekstcenter (Center for Growth) in Denmark and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) training.

Ola has been practicing and learning with many teachers at the Vaekstcenter since 1998.

Ola’s background provides a solid and experiential foundation from which he guides others in the here-and-now to finding their way through life in a kind and mindful way.

Mindfulness meditation practice has also been a great influence on his work with challenged youth.   He has worked for the past 15 years as a personal consultant to help improve the behavioral and emotional well-being of children and adolescents within home, school and institutional settings.  

 He holds a degree in Economics from University of San Francisco and is a certified Art Therapist trained by SATTVA Kunstterapeutisk Institutt.

A few words from Ola about the way he works with others:

"Emotions can be difficult and frightening to face when you do not understand the life direction they will show you.   Being unable to really access the power and direction of emotional energy is often because it can be difficult to look into unconscious aspects of own's own psyche without guidance and support.     As the root of most emotions is in the unconscious, it is  important to use tools that give access to the deeper aspects of oneself.   When one can see more clearly the symbols and sometimes mysterious language of the unconscious, a contact can be made with the deeper energies.   One must be able to have contact with their emotions before one can understand them.

In individual sessions, we work together through conversation, dream-work and creative expression, to help you discover and understand the deeper source of emotional and life processes, so that you can find more clarity, understanding and ultimately, freedom in your life."


You can contact Ola at  olabo@me.com or +47 . 900 64 90