Aquatic Yoga Somatics Practitioner Training

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A 100 Hour Deep Dive into the Nature of Water and resonance of fluid

guided by Ateeka & guest teachers

Module 1:  25 Feb - 1 March, 2015 - Cape Cornwall, UK

Module 2:  18 - 22 November, 2015: Tuscany, Italia

Module 3: March 22 - 26, 2016:  Budapest, Hungary

Module 4:  September 7 - 11, 2016: Sardegna, Italia

Dwelling in the fluid means to dwell in a state of creation, of becomingness, of possibility.

Aquatic Yoga Somatics: Practitioner Training invites the fluid, changeable, responsive nature of water and flow into personal and teaching practice. 

Our practices are in warm water (34 - 36 C)  pools, hot springs and varied temperature natural water sources around the world.  We work individually and in partners to become intimate with the "soul of the waters".  As we immerse ourselves into the way of the waters, we also invoke its regenerative movements in our own bodies.  We become aware of ourselves as fluid beings.

In each 5 day module, we will enjoy approximately 3 hours exploring movement, meditation and relaxation in/with the water and 3 hours exploring fluid movement and bodywork on land.   The teachings presented in this training have been influenced by classical and tantric yogic practices, environmental awareness of water,  Watsu & Tantsu (Harold Dull), Continuum Movement (Emilie Conrad), Body Mind Centering (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen) principles, amoungst others.

This experiential training and mentoring program is both an inner journey of self-development and an opportunity to inspire and enrich your existing teaching and/or therapeutic practice with new aquatic skills.  You will learn deep, yet practical somatic practitioner protocols for working with others in an aquatic environment.  You will become a true advocate of the water.

All modules include:  Exploration into yoga asana and breath adapted for an aquatic environment, sound work, contact bodywork, embodied and energetic anatomy, archetypes and myths of the water, yogic/tantric/taoist philosophy inspired by the water.

Module 1:  Meeting the Fluid Matrix 

-Meeting the Waters - Invocation to the Fluid

-All waters are One - Fluid Resonance

-The nature of water - its movement and life energy

-Our relationship with water

-Learning to Support and Be Supported in the water.

-Letting the Water “do the work” . . . buoyancy and surface tension

-Introduction to aquatic archetypes

-Becoming Water on Land - Unwinding and meeting the fluid in our own bodies

Module 2:  Diving Deeper

-Breathing an aquatic environment - Recognizing the connection between air and water - life and breath.

-Cellular Breathing

-Introduction to sub-aquatic explorations

-Aquatic communication - Sounding and Relating 

-Remembering the womb & embryo consciousness

-Divining: Becoming “Il Rabdomante” Sensing fluid currents and tides in the fluid body of another

-Meeting the “sweet waters” - The cranio-sacral fluidand its tidal movement.

-The Water as a symbol of the unconscious - myths,   tales and dreams that can take us deeper.

Module 3: Walking on Water

-Aquatic Tai Chi and Qi Gong (taught by Emmanuel Pastor /

-The Dance of Fire and Water 

-Spiral and Vortices - Life’s movements of purification

-Healing work in the water

-Heart Resonance and the expanding field

-Tantric & Taoist Views of the Water

-The masculine and feminine aspects of the water.

Module 4:  Meeting Water on Earth

-All work in this module is with natural water sources in its own environment, in nature.

-Seawater - Saltwater explorations - Being with the wave

-Natural hot springs 

-Tide pool explorations

-Cleansing and Recharging - How water purifies itself in nature

-Aquatic animal totems and water in indigenous traditions

-Connection of the elements - Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether

-Meditating with the water in nature

-Becoming a true advocate of the water.


First and foremost, this course is for WHO LOVES THE WATER!

This course is open to mature, open-minded yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, movement specialists, dance/somatic practitioners, healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, personal coaches, psychologists and counselors, artists, writers, healers, teachers, and lovers of life who are interested to take their own personal practice to new depths of inquiry and IF THEY ARE CALLED TO,  share what they have integrated with others.

This course is suitable for who already has a general comfort level and ease with being in the water.  All participants need to know how to swim and orient themselves safely in the water, both with head above water and underwater.  This is a self-development and discovery course.  We kindly advise, it is not a suitable for those who have heart conditions, high blood pressure or psychological instability.   If you are looking for a course to help you overcome a trauma related to water, please contact Ateeka and she can refer you to others who specialize in that area.

Language:  This course will be taught in English

TRAINING COST:  1825 EUROS for the 4 - five day meetings.  

Price includes:  100 + hours of personal instruction, monthly mentoring,  online reference manual for personal study and teaching reference,  a set of Watage aquatic leg floats.

This cost is exclusive of accommodation costs (please see full PDF for complete program outline & accomodation fees) and travel expense.  You are responsible for paying your own accommodation, food & travel fees.  

To register for this training, please submit application form (download online) to Ateeka at: