Process-Oriented Bodywork with Ateeka

Each of us is a unique being, with our own unique life stories and themes.

In an individual session, I bring caring attention to you as a whole being.  It is a profoundly attentive process for you as an individual, who wishes to be seen, heard, touched and moved on many levels.

The intention of an individual session is to help you relax more into yourself, as you are right now, and meet yourself with inner wisdom and clarity.

The primary approach is hands-on bodywork. My primary focus is to help your body relax and renew. You may come to an individual session simply to rest, relax and enjoy physical contact.   This in itself is enough.  You may, however, also find that releasing body tension and reclaiming body consciousness is a vital key to discovering your personal needs and dreams.  Once the body opens, you can more easily contact emotions, memories, night dreams and personal symbols more readily and together, through various approaches, we transform them into UNDERSTANDING and INSIGHT.

Each session is unique.  While based in bodywork, we may also utilize breath-work, healing sound, color and essential oil medicine, dream work, meditation, somatic therapies, yoga or active movement, creative expression, exercises of self-care and intimacy, emotional communication and verbal dialogue.

We work together to help you create a new inner environment for personal understanding, acceptance, and growing towards embracing your LIFE and LOVING YOUR SELF.  The process helps you to give some “breathing room” to the places that frighten you.   It may help you to notice the gift of wisdom that dwells inside of the wound.  Many who have worked with this process have experienced. increase in LIFE ENERGY, a new enthusiasm for creative expression, a new flow of love towards themselves. 

Sessions are generally 90 minutes.  Sessions are given on a soft mattress on the floor in a warm room. You will remain clothed, so please bring comfortable, flexible pants and sweater or shirt to change into.

To schedule a session, please contact

Individual sessions with Ateeka are designed for relaxation, personal exploration and enrichment. They are not a substitution for medical, psychiatric or psychological consultation or treatment, though they may enhance other modalities of healing. Please consult with your current providers or with Ateeka regarding the appropriateness of the Individual Session for you.